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Diamond Smile Teeth Whitening is a Team full of dedicated teeth whitening Technicians based in BRISBANE & SYDNEY. 

Using the the highest legal grade cosmetic treatments to hundreds of Australians so far to help whiten the appearance of their teeth making them not only look but feel more confident within themselves. Diamond Smile can whiten your smile from 2-10 shades lighter in just 1 hour, using our safe and effective treatments. 

What is Cosmetic teeth whitening? It is simply bleaching of the teeth using oxidising Hydrogen peroxide to lighten the shade of teeth by penetrating the porosities in the rod-like crystal structure of the enamel and oxidises inter-prismatic stain deposits, over time the dentin layer lying underneath the enamel is also bleached.

We are a FREE Mobile service, bringing each session into the comfort of your own home. DSTW specialise in Group sessions with Family/friends, Bridal Parties, Pamper Days, Wellness and beauty days and Corporate events.

Don’t keep this a secret share with everyone around you how they can not only look better but feel more confident in themselves. 

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Sydney: 0434 177 681 Brisbane: 0414 769 555

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